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Meet the Healers of Back Benders

Dr. Betty, Owner of Back Benders

Dr. Betty Hernandez-Tupta

Chiropractor · Crystal Healer · Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training 
· BASI Pilates Certified Teacher (2019)
· Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy – Certified Crystal Healer (2016)
· Southern California University of Health Sciences – Doctor of Chiropractic (2002)


I became a chiropractor to help patients reach their full potential in the most holistic and natural way possible. 

In particular, I wanted to help women. Too often, we women think and care about everyone first, before we think about ourselves. It’s paramount that women not relate self-care as something selfish. By honoring ourselves, our bodies, our souls, we are even more capable of taking care of those around us.

Kim Cuna, Pilates Instructor

Kim Cuna

Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training 
· Polestar Pilates (2016)
· Fitness Pilates Educator (2014)


Although Pilates has always interested me, I was immediately drawn to the effectiveness it had post-pregnancy. With a background in fashion, becoming an instructor was stepping outside the box for me, but after seeing the positive effects on myself, mentally and physically, I couldn’t help but want to learn more! Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else but teach. I love that I’m able to help people feel better about themselves, and especially love seeing my clients progress and grow stronger everyday!


Chi Tsai, Pilates Instructor

Chi Tsai

Pilates Instructor

Certifications + Training
· BASI Pilates (2019)


I was inspired by Pilates because I want to help people live better while live longer. It’s sadden me when I see people who suffer from pain because of the injuries or aging which cause them not able to enjoy their daily life/activities, I want to help people to live a functional life and improve their living/moving qualities. Pilates is a series of movements which can increase our body’s mobility, flexibility and balance which is essential for a better living.

I am very tactile and pay great attention to precise movements and always emphasizing quality over quantity. 

I practiced Pilates for over 3 years before deciding to become a Pilates instructor. I completed BASI comprehensive program, muscular imbalance and body alignment, Pilates for injuries and pathologies, Pilates for the mature clients, core stability advancements and applications to the Pilates reformer.

Besides Pilates, I love tennis. I enjoy playing tennis on daily basis. I also love hiking and spending my free time and creativity in the kitchen.

Dena Larson, Massage Therapist

Dena Larson

Energy Healer · Massage Therapist

Certifications + Training 
· Quantum-Touch Healing, Level 1 – Quantum- Touch, Inc. (2012)
· Shamballa Multidimensional Healing – Mayastar Academy of Natural Healing & Spiritual Development (2012)
· Reiki Master & Karuna Master Certification – Marie Ann Doud (2007)
· Advanced Reiki –  Usui Shiki Ryoho (2007)
· Massage Therapist Certification –  Inter Coast College (2004)


My passion for massage and energy healing comes from the years I took care of my grandparents. Sadly, they suffered for a long time before their passing. I never want to see anyone go through what they went through.

Outside my profession, I love every type of yoga. Also, I enjoy bike riding, hiking in the mountains, and anything in NATURE. I’m a vegan and love to eat, especially have a sweet tooth for vegan pastries and dark chocolate.


Mary Frances, Massage Therapist

Mary Frances Spencer

Vibrational Energy Healing Therapist · Massage Therapist

Certifications + Training 
· Prenatal Teacher Training, Silverlake Yoga (2013)
· Sound Healing, Tama Do Academy and Polarity Center (2005 to 2008)
· Massage Therapy, Hands on Healing Institute (2004 to 2012)
· Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Kingdom (2000)
· BA Studio Art, Loyola Marymount University (1982)


I’m a lover of all things energy! I am passionate about massage, bodywork, sound healing, and yoga because I can offer my clients a combination of modalities. Because of the different modalities, I can help them to heal, release pain and tension, and feel peaceful, calm and centered. I became a massage therapist so that I can share my healing energy and work one-on-one with individuals who choose to be proactive in becoming healthier, more mobile and more relaxed.

I have over 600 hours in Swedish, deep tissue, tigger point, myofascial release, chair massage, aromatherapy, vibrational healing, and prenatal massage. An Eagle Rock local, I’ve taught kids’ yoga as a volunteer at Dahlia Heights Elementary for five years. I also teach yoga, massage body work, and energy healing at the Hands on Healing Institute in Tujunga, Center for the Arts Community, and Sound Yoga House.


Heather Strong, Massage Therapist

Heather Strong

Massage Therapist

Certifications + Training 
·  Just for Your Health College of Massage (1996)


The first thing I’d want you to know about me as a massage therapist, is that I love what I do. Massage offers pain relief and elevates wellbeing to good and busy people.  I’m honored to be trusted by clients, friends and family to offer great care, facilitating your individual treatment goals.  

I’ve been massaging since attending a great program in 1996 at Just for Your Health College of Massage in San Jose, CA. Led by program founder, Tina Garcia, I have been bringing massage to busy professionals ever since.  Tina Garcia’s program gifted many wonderful elements to approach massage, allowing me to create my own style, including consideration to the use of “energy” for massage.

I’ve continued training with something called Gateways, but my introduction to “energy balance” came  through the practice of tai-chi chuan and traditional shiatsu for a science-based philosophy.  I was also lucky enough to take cadaver anatomy classes at Palmer Chiropractic College as part of the JFYH program, which gave me insight and frame of reference by actually moving the cadaver limbs, joints, muscles, ligaments and even nerves, in order to see and feel where they connect and route through the human body. This helped me tremendously throughout my career as I visualize what a client is describing for pain or stagnant energy, whether its deep or superficial. 

Put quite simply, as a CMT, I help move blood and lymph to help detoxify, relax, or promote injury recovery to muscles and connective tissue. I consider myself an intuitive and emphatic CMT, and an energy and breath healing facilitator.

Tori Amoscato, Acupuncturist

Tori Amoscato, L.Ac.


Certifications + Training 
· Master’s of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (MATCM), concentration in Acupuncture Orthopedics and Pain Management, Yo San University (2016)
· Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), International BodyTalk Association (2010)
· Pilates, Balanced Body (2011)
· BA Theater, Wesleyan University (2008)


Hi, I’m Tori. I’m an acupuncturist who focuses on the mind-body connection for better health.

I have a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (MATCM) from Yo San University, where I was certified in Orthopedic Care under Don Lee. A life-long dancer, I also have a background in movement and Pilates, which informs my understanding of physiology and functional alignment. I am particularly interested in using the mind-body connection to treat both acute symptoms and underlying causes of pain and illness. Put simply: acknowledging the spectrum of variables surrounding an illness allows your body to heal faster—and I can help you do it.

I work with a variety of modalities, including acupuncture and cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, osteopathic manipulations, and the Body Talk System, in which I’ve been certified since 2010. I move fluidly among modalities to tailor each appointment to my patient’s particular needs, so no two sessions are quite alike.

I take a practical, integrative approach to healthcare, and advocate for sustainable lifestyle adjustments to help you improve your quality of life. I am not a doctor, but I am happy to work with your doctor to determine the right protocol for your needs. I work closely with Dr. Betty and the rest of the Back Benders staff to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of care.

I am a graduate of Wesleyan University (BA, 2008) and have done graduate work at both the CUNY Graduate Center and the University of Southern California.