Chiropractic is a natural, drug-free, non-invastive and cost effective way to treat your body’s aches and pains.

Here at Back Benders, we tailor every chiropractic session to your body’s specific needs. You’re putting your needs into the highly-skilled hands of Dr. Betty, who was named second best chiropractor in Los Angeles.

The 4 Phases of Your Appointment

The Intake

First, you and Dr. Betty will start by having a conversation about your pain. Her most important job is to listen to you, so she can get a full picture of where your pain is located and what possible reasons why you’re suffering from the pain. So be honest.

Dr. Betty will ask you a ton of questions such as: Is your pain exacerbated by doing certain movements like carrying your child? Is it activated by using certain muscles groups? Does it only occur when your husband comes in the room? (Just kidding on that last one.)

The Assessment

Once you get the subjective details out of the way, then Dr. Betty will start her assessment. This can include several orthopedic and range of motion exams.

The most important, though, is the hands on assessment (or in doctor lingo, “manual palpation”). That’s when Dr. Betty will check your flexibility and trigger points, and for any joint mobility restrictions, muscle spasming, or physical tightness.

The Treatment

After the Assessment, we start your treatment. Dr. Betty totally caters your treatment to your body’s needs, and how you two can alleviate your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. She may have you do anything from physical therapy, ultrasound heat, trigger point therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, or a combination of a few of these to help decrease spasming and bring more blood flow to the inflamed or pained area. All these modalities will help stimulate your healing process.

The Adjustment

Finally comes the actual chiropractic adjustment, also called “spinal manipulation.” Dr. Betty will put your body in certain positions and apply an appropriate amount of pressure, using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust.

You may hear a “pop” or a “crack” sound in your body. (Don’t worry, that’s the gasses in between your joints releasing!) This will help you alleviate pain, free your joints from restrictions, and realign your posture.

Prices + Descriptions


Initial Chiropractic

1 hour session which includes your assessment, examination, treatment and the adjustment. This can include electric stimulation, ultrasound, physical therapy, trigger point therapy, and stretching.



Follow Up Chiropractic

30 minute follow up session which will be tailored by Dr. Betty to your body’s needs, which can include trigger point therapy, e-stems, and stretching, as well as the adjustment. For recurring clients only.




60 minute follow up chiropractic session. Just book two appointments back-2-back to get the most healing and recovery out of your treatment. This way you and Dr. B can focus on multiple trouble spots.


Chiropractic FAQs

What does my pain mean?

Pain can sometimes be very subjective. For example, if you have a shooting pain in the neck it could be stemming from your mid back. If you wake up with pain the cause can be different than experiencing the pain doing certain activities.

What does posture have to do with my pain?

Proper spinal alignment (or good posture) gives you less wear and tear on your body’s joints and muscles. When your spine is not in proper alignment, or you’re not using good posture in your daily life, it causes certain muscles to get tighter and others to get loser, or overstretched, which both contribute to greater pain. It’s vicious cycle.

How will I feel after my adjustment?

A beautiful thing happens: you get high on your own supply! Endorphins are released which is the ‘feel good’ chemical your body produces after exercise, massage, and yes, after chiropractic too! Rarely will your chiropractic adjustment cause discomfort. You may feel some minor soreness or mild aching for up to two days after. (It’s no different than the soreness you would feel from a good workout.)

You’ll have a happy, smiling bright bounce in your step as you walk out our door!


What's the follow up routine?

We totally base your pain recovery program off of your body. For example, someone who’s spine is jacked up from a car accident is probably going to need more immediate treatments than someone who just woke up with a kink in their neck. Each person’s healing process is different.

Ideally, though, we want to see you for regular maintenance when you’re NOT in pain, so you keep your body pain and injury free for the rest of your life! For maintenance, I normally recommend honoring your body with regular once or twice a month appointments.

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