Chiropractic is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive and cost effective way to treat your body’s aches and pains. 

At Back Benders, Dr. Betty’s highly-skilled hands tailor every chiropractic session to your body’s specific needs in 4 phases: Intake, Assessment, Treatment, then Adjustment. 

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Chiropractor table with crystals and tuning forks

The Intake
Dr. Betty’s most important job is to listen to you in order to get a full picture of where your pain is located and what possible reasons why you’re suffering. This is your time to have a candid conversation about your specific needs. 

Dr. Betty will ask you a ton of questions like: Is your pain exacerbated by doing certain movements, like carrying your child? Is it activated by using certain muscles groups? 

The Assessment
After your chat, Dr. Betty starts her assessment. This can include several orthopedic and range of motion exams; most importantly, the hands-on assessment or ‘manual palpation’ in doctor lingo. 

That’s when Dr. Betty will check your flexibility and trigger points as well as any joint mobility restrictions, muscle spasming, or physical tightness.

The Treatment
After Dr. Betty checks out what’s going on, she caters your treatment to your body’s needs, and how you two can alleviate your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. She may have you do anything from physical therapy, ultrasound heat, trigger point therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, or a combination of a few of these to help decrease spasming and bring more blood flow to the inflamed or pained area. All these modalities will help stimulate your healing process.

The Adjustment
Finally, it’s the actual chiropractic adjustment, also called “spinal manipulation.” Dr. Betty will put your body in certain positions and apply an appropriate amount of pressure, using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust.

You may hear a “pop” or a “crack” sound in your body– don’t worry, that’s the gasses in between your joints releasing! This helps alleviate pain, free your joints from restrictions, and realign your posture.