John R.

Pasadena, CA

“I LOVE Back Benders. I came to this office in crises with pain in my shoulder like I had never known possible. The team of Dr. Betty took great care of me and I felt relief from my very first visit onward. Aside from the treatments, Dr. Betty took time to educate me and she helped me to understand what was happening, which I appreciated more than I can say!

My treatment is ongoing and I look forward to each visit. I have been given exercises to do that can cause discomfort, but I know once I get there, I will leave feeling better. And the range of motion that I have gotten back in my shoulder makes it so that I will go through the pain that comes from doing the exercises, but I really can’t wait to see Dr. Betty because they both have brought me so much relief.

My orthopedic surgeon scheduled an appointment with me to talk about surgical options, but when I got there and he saw the level of progress I had achieved in such a short period of time, he decided that surgery may not be necessary after all! I can’t speak highly enough of Back Benders.”

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